Social Media Services

What we do

We maintain all social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and Instagram. We create artwork, source content and create specific posts to tailor your audience and your needs on social media. With this we can grow your audience either organically or by using paid advertisements to find the perfect audience and target market for your business.

As we tailor to your needs, we provide monthly social media schedules so nothing will be missed. The key to great community management is understanding who your audience is and their needs. Whether you have thousands of followers/likes or just a handful, our monthly schedules will help engage your audience and provide the best result for your business online.

At Edge we find out what is important to you and your business and help promote these services for you. In the automotive industry, there are many facets of a car dealership that can be missed. We promote all areas of your business from sales, service, new and used car stock, finance, special offers and news and reviews.

Social media advertising provides a unique ability to target prospective customers. Here at Edge Online Consulting we use targeted locations, look-alike audiences and email address databases to find the perfect and most specifically targeted audience to your needs. This leads to an effective low cost solution in targeting and generating interest in your specific brand and product.

Sometimes it can get difficult in finding what posts work and engage your fans and what don’t, which ads were effective and which flunked. We take the hassle out of figuring it out and provide you with reports on how your page and ads are running. We compile detailed reports gathering Facebook data to find who, what and when your target audience is and use that data to help grow your business and also to tailor advertising so your money is not wasted.

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