Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Search Engine Marketing

Outrank your competitors with SEM

Why Adtorque Edge?

  • Local leads from your PMA
  • Ongoing monitoring & optimisation
  • Tailored campaigns
  • In-house telephony solution

SEM campaigns capture people in your target market, while they are searching online for your brands, driving traffic to dedicated high conversion landing pages.

Our Digital Team is highly skilled in running well-targeted SEM campaigns that deliver superior results for our clients' businesses.

All campaigns are monitored and optimised for performance, and clients receive clear monthly reporting giving them visibility on their return on investment.

Our Work


A Ford dealership in a metro area wanted to increase annual sales.


We ran a Google Ads search campaign focussing on brand, model, geo and service related keywords. The campaign aimed to expand digital reach and increase conversions.


9% Click Through Rate

126% Higher than industry benchmark

9% Conversion Rate

42% Higher than industry benchmark

$30.33 Avg. Cost Per Conversion

$16 Cheaper than industry benchmark